R2D2 on God, 42, the Universe and everything else

Once you get the hang of working with Windows 8 in the more traditional deskotp mode, there are a few things that you may be missing. One of these (I found) was the “show desktop” icon. While you can still resort to the Windows+M key combination to minimise all windows, habits die hard (which is what I think MS missed with Windows 8). However, this is what I do.

I’ve created a “Desktop” tool bar next to my system area (where the clock icon is) by right clicking on the bar, choosing “”Toolbars”  and selecting “Desktop”. Then, on the desktop, I created a new shortcut, pasted “%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{3080F90D-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}” (without quotes) in the first window, named the shortcut “Desktop”, and that’s it.

Until next time