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harrymcc writes "On Saturday, I picked up a copy of a book called How To Use the Internet at a flea market. It was published in May, 1994, and is a fascinating snapshot of the state of the Net at that time — when you had to explain to people that it wasn’t a good idea to say ‘thank you’ when issuing commands to a machine, and the World Wide Web was an alternative to Gopher that warranted only four pages of coverage towards the end of the book. I selected some choice excerpts and wrote about them over at TIME.com…."

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Sometimes an explanation requires more than just words

A new iPhone app called Shadow Puppet lets users generate narrated tutorial videos or photo slideshows straight from their phone.

Users simply select images from their library, arrange them in the order they wish to share them, and use the phone’s voice recorder to narrate the slideshow as it plays. They can then share the videos — called Puppets — straight to social media, or send them to family and friends via text or email. Users can also embed their Puppet videos onto personal blogs or websites Read more…

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intermediate metricAre social media companies overvalued? The question is not just a matter of revenue multiples (low or high), but rather whether that revenue is actually generating new sales for advertisers. Google convinced the world to believe in the click, Facebook has done the same with the Like, Twitter with the follower, and Pinterest is planning on unveiling the same with the Pin.

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