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Rapid development testing and operations, including environment support, agile development, testing strategies – the much needed paradigm shift from traditional waterfall

So you already have this killer idea of an app/service that solves a particular need?
Here is my take on what you need to consider when building it, in order to ensure rapid customer uptake and market penetration. I made this up based on my observation of the industry in the past few years, including my own work.


1 – use open source wherever possible

2 – use REST where possible

3 – develop client for all platforms, including all mobile and desktop

4 – don’t waste time debating native vs hybrid – use best suited for particular platform… Continue reading

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Webcast Proprietary cloud threatens lock-in, higher cost and application silos. There is an alternative: OpenStack is the open source cloud operating system.…

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4578.WindowsAzureLogoMicrosoft has announced general availability of Windows Azure Web Site and Mobile Service, accentuating the emphasis on development using the Azure cloud service.
According to Microsoft, Windows Azure Web Site allows customers to build scalable websites on Windows Azure. Windows Azure Web Site uses the languages and open source apps of a customer’s choice and supports deployment with Git, FTP, and TFS.

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