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Well… I guess you can imagine the damage I could do. What’s concerning is that my cc details are at times somewhere on these wires…

How would hashtags benefit LinkedIn

“it is NOT the fear of missing out, really. It’s about learning, and choice”

Yes, some would say this is  blasphemy – “LinkedIn is a social tool for professionals who want to connect – go to Facebook if you don’t like it”. Well, yes, I’d agree, but I would still argue the point : need only exemplify Twitter and, more recent and relevant, Facebook. In addition, keep dreaming on if you still think in this day and age we can still separate our personal and professional lives…

Yes, LinkedIn was designed as a social… Continue reading

R2D2’s commentary: I thought this was rather funny… so much secrecy – can understand what can be at stake for one, but the concern is unfounded… unless you really run into a neurotic HR. :o)
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There is something that has always perplexed me about employees who resign.  No matter what the level or situation, a resigning employee rarely says where they are going.  Because of my personality (insert how you see me here – I’ll just say I’m unfiltered) I always ask – “Hey! That’s Great! Where are you going?”… Continue reading

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An anonymous reader writes “Many content sites restrict access from different markets or have variable pricing for downloads in different markets. New Zealand-based ISP Slingshot is now offering a ‘global mode’ that lets customers hide their location. This means they can access overseas online services that would normally be restricted to specific markets.”

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