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Free Hyper-v 2012 environment – that’s right,  FREE as in  free  beer!


I’ve migrated my home gear and labs from a 1/2 size rack to a single shelf.


I won’t bore you with the details of moving from FreeNAS and ESXi to Netgear ReadyNAS and Windows 2012
Hyper-v free,  but here’s the ingredients :

2x Gigabyte BRIX (with Dlink usb gigabit Ethernet adapters)
Windows 2012 Hyper-v Free (now running and tested with the built-in continuous replication and failover,  no domain)
Dual Server (Dns and DHCP with full replication and redundancy)
Poweshell Hyper-v Manager (PSHVM30)
DeltaCopy(Rsync capability for backups and non-vm replication)
Corefig 1.1.3
5nine Hyper-v manager (release 6.1)



This amounts to a fairly bullet proof set-up ( I also have two separate adsl lines with their own modems in bridged mode,  controlled via my Pfsense virtual firewall)


Deployed this on my Netgear NAS and there is no info, so here you go


username = “[email protected]”, password = “$1$DZsJmM8J$kZVmvEJjahAa1S9njxDzb0”


You can use the literals above to log in first time, then create your own admin and remove the defaults.



Version 1.0, as per Adrian’s request 😉









There is much debate between traditional and new project execution and project management methodologies. It’s like the old proprietary vs. open source debate. I, personally, think each has its own purpose and applicability …

The gains of agile methodologies are delivery speed and decreased cost. But are heavily reliant on three “variables” – same as the resource/time/scope traditional project management:
1.- professional knowledge level of the team members within their domain area of expertise
2.- interpersonal dynamics within the team (collaboration, no… Continue reading


We no longer listen. We speak one over the other,  at the same time. We draw conclusions based on rumours,  hearsay,  gut feeling,  not reasoning and facts. We raise the voice instead of the reasoning to gain the illusion of achievement.  We demand,  don’t cooperate.  We set personal agendas instead of aiming for resolution of common issues. We bend our moral fabric like it’s made of Kevlar and expected it somehow to retain its initial shape and integrity through all the impacts we assault it with. We never talk about the big pink elephants floating in the meeting rooms or at our social gatherings. We forego friendships and partnerships like they are replaceable things.  We declare ourselves victorious in meetings winning pointless arguments.  And yet, we seek happiness.  How do I explain this to my son?

Does anyone remember the IRC of the late 90s and early 2000?

Is it just me thinking how much of that functionality has been borrowed in the social media today? Thinking about FB groups for example…

It’s always amazing to look back and acknowledge the great cycles our industry is going through, alongside the almost immutable constants



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