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A new revolution

           Given Moore’s law, and the proliferation of always-on, connected devices (computers, mobile phones, home entertainment systems, appliances, sensors, you name it), we, as human beings, the kings of adaptation and evolution, are about to be outdone – a new revolution has started.brainoverload2 We cannot simply adapt our brain capacity and sensory array to match the speed with which technology exploded in the past few years. I know of a lot of parents unhappy their children spend time on computers, mobile devices and game consoles, more or less ignoring the “old… Continue reading

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furby siriAs technology advances at an unprecedented rate, now performing tasks typically reserved for human creativity, one realizes just how special human beings are and how inadequate technology can be.

Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of press releases and startup reviews from companies with various kinds of automation technology. Text-To-Speech, automated video generation, create-your-own; website, walkthrough, newsroom!!! – No joke, sometimes these press releases come off as if they’re about to hyperventilate.

Then we review the companies and some are actually pretty cool and get good reviews. Others make one wonder at the… Continue reading

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Tropical backhaul pioneers build it and hope the world’s poor will come

Internet-to-the-world’s-poor satellite backhaul provider O3b now has four satellites in orbit, ready to offer latency-free internet access to the three billion humans unable to see Facebook – by November if all goes to plan.…

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An anonymous reader writes “The National Security Agency has declassified an eye-opening pre-history of computers used for code-breaking between the 1930s and 1960s. The 344 page report, entitled It Wasn’t All Magic: The Early Struggle to Automate Cryptanalysis (pdf), it is available on the Government Attic web site. Government Attic has also just posted a somewhat less declassified NSA compendium from 1993: A Collection of Writings on Traffic Analysis. (pdf)”

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(curated by R2D from Business Insider)

google Larry Page and Sergey BrinGoogle Now is best understood as the company’s response to Apple’s Siri. In fact, it puts Siri to shame – it’s more accurate and far more versatile.

And I want nothing to do with it.

My colleague Steve Kovach sang Google Now’s praises last year and provided some compelling examples of its functionality.

It paid attention to his repeated Google searches for Mets scores, so now the app automatically sends him notifications of the latest score. Google Now noticed a meeting on his calendar and gave him a warning based on his location… Continue reading