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How would hashtags benefit LinkedIn

“it is NOT the fear of missing out, really. It’s about learning, and choice”

Yes, some would say this is  blasphemy – “LinkedIn is a social tool for professionals who want to connect – go to Facebook if you don’t like it”. Well, yes, I’d agree, but I would still argue the point : need only exemplify Twitter and, more recent and relevant, Facebook. In addition, keep dreaming on if you still think in this day and age we can still separate our personal and professional lives…

Yes, LinkedIn was designed as a social… Continue reading

A new revolution

           Given Moore’s law, and the proliferation of always-on, connected devices (computers, mobile phones, home entertainment systems, appliances, sensors, you name it), we, as human beings, the kings of adaptation and evolution, are about to be outdone – a new revolution has started.brainoverload2 We cannot simply adapt our brain capacity and sensory array to match the speed with which technology exploded in the past few years. I know of a lot of parents unhappy their children spend time on computers, mobile devices and game consoles, more or less ignoring the “old… Continue reading

R2D2’s commentary: Very insightful post-mortem on a number of company failures. The majority of the downfalls can be identified not only in start-ups , but some corporate changes seen today. Highly recommended reading, I am adding it as featured on my blog.

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cemetary graveyard death

We love a good entrepreneurial success story – entrepreneur as protagonist overcomes obstacles and builds a thriving, successful company (and become wealthy while doing so).  We want to hear about, learn from and even replicate what they’ve done.

However, this survivorship bias is problematic. Jason Cohen of Smart Bear Software does… Continue reading

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