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Deployed this on my Netgear NAS and there is no info, so here you go


username = “[email protected]”, password = “$1$DZsJmM8J$kZVmvEJjahAa1S9njxDzb0”


You can use the literals above to log in first time, then create your own admin and remove the defaults.




Have been battling this for quite a while on my new Telstra Dave device, as well as on my Samsung GalaxyTab10 2.

When attempting to use the default mail client with my Exchange Server 2003, it will try to sync, then crash. Repeatedly.

Net seems to be full off similar complaints about Android 4.1.x

“Unfortunately, Exchange Services has stopped”

“Corporate email (Exchange) not syncing after 4.1.2 update”

“MS Exchange fails with Android 4.1.2 Update”

“Exchange ActiveSync issues 4.1”

I’ve tried the disable sync/remove account/re-enable sync suggestion but didn’t work for me, so here is how I got it working… Continue reading

So you already have this killer idea of an app/service that solves a particular need?
Here is my take on what you need to consider when building it, in order to ensure rapid customer uptake and market penetration. I made this up based on my observation of the industry in the past few years, including my own work.


1 – use open source wherever possible

2 – use REST where possible

3 – develop client for all platforms, including all mobile and desktop

4 – don’t waste time debating native vs hybrid – use best suited for particular platform… Continue reading

R2D2’s commentary: Interesting MEGA’s is missing… wonder why…
(curated by R2D2 from Lifehacker via Feedly)

Five Best Cloud Storage Providers

Free cloud storage is easy to come by these days—anyone can give it out, and anyone can give out lots of it. However, the best cloud storage providers give you more than just storage. They offer availability, multi-platform support, security, app integration, and more. This week we’re going to look at five of the best cloud storage providers on the market, thanks to your nominations.

Earlier in the week we asked you to nominate the cloud storage providers you thought were the best. You… Continue reading

Fixing WordPress schedule

Have been working on a solution for this for a while – and I believe I have now brewed up one that actually works. There are numerous posts about WordPress’ inability to automatically convert drafts to publish periodicallyMayan-Calendar-fixWordPressScheduling

My specific requirement was to automatically publish articles I have saved on my mobile/tabled/web reader Feedly. For that, I use IFTTT and I created a recipe – when new article is saved in Feedly, publish to WordPress. However, my problem was that I don’t necessarily want to publish immediately (adding commentary for curated content for example), and even when… Continue reading

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