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This page is where I collect blogs I follow personally, which I consider of great value. These blogs publish content that I learn from and is close to my interests. So, in no particular order listed bellow…




ScriptRock #DEVOPS Blog
https://www… – devops and systems management automation

CompanySo we started complementing our automation implementations with automated configuration testing. Companies loved it. The only problem? They didn’t want to have to maintain them if it meant learning new languages and testing frameworks.

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Alessio Bresciani
http://www… – Digital, strategy, leadership

About AlessioI’m a senior manager working in Melbourne. This is my personal blog and all views are my own. My mission is to share the learnings I’ve picked up, and create insightful and useful content that you can apply in your own professional life. I would also welcome any lessons you could share with me and readers.

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LogicalTechGroup Blog – Cassidy Poon
http://logicaltechgroup… – Relevant content covering IT, strategy and practical tips for IT leader

Cassidy_PhotoCassidy Poon AFAMI CPM |National Marketing Manager

Cassidy Poon is highly motivated and driven to deliver exceptional measurable results and superior ROI through strategic, contemporary, end-to-end marketing for LogicalTech Group. Cassidy also sits on the Victorian Executive Councillor Board as an active member for the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) . His portfolio of cumulative successes across diverse sectors, solidifies his depth and breadth of experience and validates his reputation for inspiring and driving creative solutions, cultivating and influencing stakeholder relationships, and focusing on key deliverables for on-time and on budget execution.




http://www… 1 – reflection/analysis of humanity and meaning of life

RS Part 1: Introduction to ReasonPART 1 INTRODUCTION: REASONING Mankind, since freeing itself from the need to concentrate only on the basic requirements for survival, has searched for a greater meaning to life, and particularly, death. Humans need to believe that self-sacrifice is rewarded, that evil is eventually punished, and that all of their efforts lead to something more than a total and everlasting death.

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