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A study earlier this year by Accenture found almost every one of the strategy leaders they spoke to acknowledged that transformative technologies would disrupt their industry.

The study, called ‘Thriving on Disruption’, also revealed that very few thought they were well-equipped to cope with the change.

It is a dangerous time to be an incumbent. Technology companies are starting to dominate the S&P 500, the index of some of the world’s premier global businesses. And they are getting there faster than ever before. New arrivals on the corporate red carpet are taking half the time to scale… Continue reading

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A blockchain "produces a permanent ledger of transactions with which no one can tamper," reports TechWeekEurope. "Until now." Slashdot reader Mickeycaskill quotes their report:
One of the core principles of Blockchain technology has potentially been undermined by the creation of an editing tool. The company responsible however, Accenture, says edits would only be carried out "under extraordinary circumstances to resolve human errors, accommodate legal and regulatory requirements, and address mischief and other issues, while preserving key cryptographic features…"
Accenture’s move to create an editing system will no doubt be viewed by some technology observers as a betrayal of what blockchain technology is all about. But the company insisted it is needed, especially in the financial services industry… "The prototype represents a significant breakthrough for enterprise uses of blockchain technology particularly in banking, insurance and capital markets," said Accenture.
They’re envisioning "permissioned" blockchain systems, "managed by designated administrators under agreed governance rules," while acknowledging that cyptocurrency remains a different environment where "immutable" record-keeping would still be essential.

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