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With this month’s security update, Google did roll out a "supplemental" firmware fix for Dirty COW across Nexus and Pixel devices. Plus, Samsung released a patch for its devices this month, according to Threatpost. An official Android patch for the Dirty COW issue is expected to land in December.

Oester, the researcher who discovered the flaw, told V3 that it’s "trivial to execute, never fails and has probably been around for years." Dirty COW is sophisticated, and Oester said he was only able to catch it because he had been "capturing all inbound HTTP traffic and was able to extract the exploit and test it out in a sandbox."

"I would recommend this extra security measure to all admins," Oester said.

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We knew it was coming, and now it’s here. Before the new wave of iPhones make their way to your hands, Cuperino’s app that’ll help you switch from Android is now available at Google Play. The "Move to iOS" app will transfer images, messages, contacts, calendars, mail accounts and more to one of Apple’s devices. That new iPhone or iPad will create a private WiFi connection with your Android device (4.0 and later) to handle the transfer, promising to put all of the gathered content "in the right places." We’ll be curious to see how well it actually works. Oh yeah, when you’re all finished, Apple even offers to recycle your old phone at any Apple Store.

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Expanding-the-availability-of-Send-FI Earlier this summer, Microsoft announced Send, a project for Office 365 users that aims to bring together the best of email and instant messaging. At the time, the service was only available on iPhone, but starting today, Android users will also be able to give it a try. Read More

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Cyanogen Wants to Integrate Cortana Deep Into Android

Microsoft has already brought Cortana, its voice-recognition digital assistant, to Android with an app. But to use it as a system-wide alternative to Google’s voice recognition requires deep integration — something that alternative Android vendor Cyanogen is keen to do.

In case you’re not familiar with the company, Cyanogen is the power behind Cyanogen OS, a non-Google-approved version of Android, with a slightly different look and more options for power users.

Cyanogenmod has historically been the mobile OS of choice for Android tweakers, but it’s been gaining mainstream cred, having shipped as the default OS on the… Continue reading

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