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Locket puts ads on your Android homescreen, pays you a penny to unlock video

Take a look at your Android phone. See that background shot? It’s probably kind of cute, but hardly inspiring. In fact, is is bringing you any joy whatsoever? Is it helping you to make rent? Believe it or not, there’s now an app for that. Locket has just launched into the Google Play Store, enabling a limited (for now) selection of advertisers to place ads on your lock screen and then paying you one cent for each time you unlock. Of course, it’s capped at $0.03 per hour (so every other unlock is just making the company money), and you’ll be allowed to cash out, toss the funds on a gift card or donate your earnings to a charity. Don’t worry, we already did the math — you can earn $262.80 by unlocking your phone’s screen three times a day, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Or you can just mow some grass.

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Android and iOS users will cite thousands of reasons of why they have issues with the competing mobile operating system: user interface, battery life — the list goes on. But in reality, there’s only one thing that separates the two rivals: money

In this comic, Scott Johnson of ExtraLife points out that iOS and Android users have very different opinions when it comes to being charged for apps

Which side do you fall on? Tell us in the comments, below

Comic illustration by ExtraLife. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more…More about Comic, Comics, Android, Humor, and Ios

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How to use your phone to get things done: Any.DO’s daily moment
A nifty little update to one of my favorite free task management smartphone apps makes it even better. Both the latest iPhone and Android versions of Any.DO help bring focus to daily tasks with a fun feature called Any.DO Moment.
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