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Kramer sunburnFinally some good news for sun worshipers.

Researchers in Australia at the Royal Melbourne Institute have developed a small wearable electronic sensor that can tell the wearer when they are about to get a sunburn, according to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald.

The sensor, which is about the size of a nicotine patch, is flexible so that it can easily be worn on the skin, woven into clothing or into other accessories.

While the wearable sensor is technically an electronic device, it’s built using rubber and has tiny layers of zinc oxide, which is… Continue reading

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Australia’s second largest DSL Internet service provider iiNet is investigating claims the database of its subsidiary, Westnet, has been hacked and users’ details offered for sale online.

On Sunday, the Twitter account Cyber War News tweeted a post that appeared to show an unknown hacker offering to sell Westnet’s customer database. According to the hacker, data included client passwords and more.

seems westnet, one of aussies biggest ISP’s has been ownedpic.twitter.com…

— CWN (@Cyber_War_News) June 6, 2015

The hacker did not state a price for the information and the accompanying email address — [email protected] — links to a CrimeNet profile of an American hacker, using the alias "Mufasa The God." Read more…

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