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A recent survey of 1,850  senior managers, conducted by enterprise cloud company, ServiceNow exemplifies how important the cloud has become more important to the enterprise.  Their research found over half (52 percent) of respondents are adopting “cloud-first” policies for new business applications. A revelation that may take most IT managers and staffers by surprise is that this statistic is expected to increase to 77% within the next two years. With more companies turning to the cloud first, IT organizations will need to do some serious re-tooling to successfully navigate through this new era.

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mobilefirst The ascendance of mobile devices, cloud computing and big data is having a profound impact on the lives of workers. Yet many of the business applications that run on their smartphones and tablets still fail miserably to take full advantage of this revolutionary shift. Even services that tout themselves as “mobile first” often fall short of delivering novel functionality that… Read More

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