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Jeff Bezos Flickr / James Duncan Davidson

Amazon Web Services is vastly overpowering its competition in the cloud computing market, says Synergy Research Group.

In its latest quarterly analysis, the market research firm says that AWS accounted for 45% of the revenue generated by public "infrastructure as a service" (IaaS) providers.

IaaS is the cloud market that Amazon helped to pioneer. It’s where companies rent computers and storage over the internet, only paying for what they use.

In the IaaS market, AWS is bigger than the next three players combined, which are Microsoft, Google… Continue reading

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bi graphics_future of blockchain

It’s a technology conceived by the mysterious creator of
 — the digital currency championed by a motley
crew of privacy-obsessed libertarians, social activists, and some

Bank of America
AP Photo

Now the idea of blockchain has gripped Wall Street’s biggest

Its enthusiasts think it could change the world. Sure, it would
make contracts more enforceable and speed up the settlement of
stock trades — hence the interest from big banks. But some see it
going much further, cracking down on
sex trafficking
, music piracy, and child labor.

And the key to all that… Continue reading

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Hart and Holmstrom Nobel Prize in EconNobelprize.org…

Oliver Hart from Harvard and MIT professor Bengt Holmström won this year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for their study of contracts and human behaviour in business.

The field is known as contract theory.

It is, partly at least, an attempt to find out how contracts between firms and employees can lead to short-termism and how those contracts could be better constructed.

The two economists provided a comprehensive framework for analysing many diverse issues in contractual design, like performance-based pay for top executives, deductibles and co-pays in insurance, and the privatisation of public-sector activities."

It… Continue reading

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Google Chrome 4Shutterstock/Evan Lorne

We’re not usually excited by web browser updates, but this particular upcoming update coming to Chrome could actually have a decent impact on your computer’s performance.

Google will roll out an update on December 6 that will dramatically reduce the amount of RAM, or memory, that its Chrome web browser uses by up to 50%, according to CNET. So, if Chrome uses 100 megabytes of your RAM now, it’ll use 50 when you install the update.

How does this help my computer?

By using less RAM, Chrome will let keep more open tabs and… Continue reading

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blade runnerWarner Bros.

Warner Bros. released the title and release date for the "Blade Runner" sequel on Thursday. 

"Blade Runner 2049" will open in theaters on October 6, 2017. 

Harrison Ford reprises the role of Rick Deckard from the original, which is based on a Philip K. Dick novel. The sequel will take place several decades after the original film, and will also star Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, and Robin Wright.

Rumors of a "Blade Runner" sequel in development have been around for years following the influential original, but it’s exciting to see it coming to… Continue reading

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