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Ecommerce company Amazon.com… today said that its Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud computing infrastructure division generated $3.23 billion in revenue in the third quarter of the year. That means revenue was up 54.9 percent year over year.

AWS produced $861 million in operating income for the quarter, according to today’s earnings statement. The business unit had $2.21 billion in operating expenses.

For its most recent four quarters AWS has now fetched $11.08 billion in revenue for Amazon.

A chart showing revenue growth for AWS through the years, updated for the third quarter of 2016.

Above: A chart showing revenue growth for AWS through the years, updated for the third quarter of 2016.

Image Credit: Jordan Novet/VentureBeat

AWS’ competitors including Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform (under the newly renamed Google Cloud), and IBM SoftLayer, and the Oracle public cloud, among others.

AWS news in the quarter includes a price cut for storage snapshots through the Elastic Block Store (EBS), the launch of P2 GPU-backed instances, and the acquisition of Cloud9.

Amazon stock was down more than 6 percent in after-hours trading following the earnings release.

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Experienced digital leaders know that when it comes to agility versus stability, start-ups and large companies can learn a lot from each other.

Building a digital culture has emerged as a key challenge for companies looking to thrive in the modern business era. How to build and adapt that culture is an issue that both large and smaller businesses struggle with. In this podcast, Brian Gregg, a partner in McKinsey’s San Francisco office who leads our consumer digital-excellence initiative, explores this issue with some of Silicon Valley’s leaders. Participating in this installment were David… Continue reading

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Windows 10

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs and phones. This build adds new features to the Mail app and gives the Narrator app some context awareness.

Windows 10 is a service. As we wrote in our deep dive on how Microsoft is still building Windows 10, this means Windows Insiders are getting new builds even though the operating system launched in July 2015. The most recent significant update is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, released in August 2016.

The Mail app has gained three new features. Email messages can be opened in… Continue reading

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Innovation-led growth can square a circle that is challenging modern capitalism: how to generate sustained and sustainable economic growth, built on high-value, well-paying jobs. This is at the core of entrepreneurial societies, and it is a good objective. The problem is how to get there. Although many countries have set the goal, few have achieved it.

The reason for this elusiveness lies in widespread misunderstandings about how innovation-led growth has been achieved in the past. These misunderstandings have allowed the wrong narratives to drive policy making, with individual entrepreneurs and companies as the central characters of… Continue reading

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Microsoft today is announcing the beta launch of version 2.0 of its open-source deep learning framework. Until now the software has been called Computational Network Toolkit, or CNTK for short, but now Micorosft is changing the name to Cognitive Toolkit. The new name lines up more clearly with Microsoft’s “cognitive” marketing push from the past few months.

Instead of just being accessible through the programming language C++, now Cognitive Toolkit has native support for Python (specifically Python 3; Python 2 support is coming). The lack of Python has been the single biggest deficiency of Cognitive Toolkit, Microsoft… Continue reading