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It’s not drone technology that’s stopping you from being able to get a burger or a beer flown over to you by drone – it’s aviation law. But this extraordinary piece of technology might just give UAVs the sense-and-avoid ability they need to satisfy the FAA and open up the skies.

Under FAA law, unmanned aircraft can’t fly beyond the line of sight of their pilot. That’s why you can’t get Amazon to fly you a book yet, or get a pizza air-dropped into your back yard. And before the FAA relaxes that law,… Continue reading

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AT&T hires thousands of technicians to repair and inspect infrastructure constantly.

Now those technicians have a new tool in their arsenal to help make their jobs faster and more grounded: Drones.

October is the first month of AT&T’s new drone program. Field technicians can now use drones on site whenever they need an extra set of eyes — like to inspect cell towers for the nests of endangered bird species (a problem that often requires a scientist and can take a week to assess without a drone) — or if there’s damage to infrastructure.