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A Lot of Published Psychology Results are Bullshit

Science is a messy, error fraught business, which is why reproducibility is so essential. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be one of psychology’s strong suits, according to a massive analysis published yesterday in Science.

A years-long effort to reproduce more than 100 psychology studies across three leading journals paints a pretty dismal picture. When re-tested by independent research psychologists, the conclusions of more than 60 studies on personality, relationships, learning, and memory, turned out to be far less whelming. Strongly significant findings often became weaker, while weakly significant findings became non-existent.

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Apple Pay will now work with PayAnywhere, a card reader that attaches to mobile devices to accept NFC and magnetic stripe payments. That means Apple’s contactless payment solution will now work in 300,000 more places in the US, and we’re one step closer to the walletless utopia.


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A Software Upgrade Grounded Hundreds of Flights This Weekend

Were you flying to or from the eastern seaboard over the weekend? I’m so sorry. A botched software update caused hundreds of flights to be delayed or cancelled on Saturday and Sunday, so there’s a decent chance you had a bad trip. What happened? A software upgrade, of course.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confessed to the fuck up late Sunday and explained that “technical issues” at a Virginia air traffic control center caused the problems. More specifically, the issue was a software upgrade to something called the En Route Automation Modernization system (Eram), which malfunctioned and led… Continue reading

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The Worst Bugs in Windows 10 and How to Fix Them

If you dived in the Windows 10 deep end, you might not have a smooth and seamless experience. Nowadays every piece of software seems to be a work-in-progress, and Microsoft’s newest operating system is no different.

That’s not to say Windows 10 has been a total disaster—plenty of people have upgraded with no problems at all—but for those of you who are getting a rough ride, the tips below should help. Of course you may have to adapt them slightly to fit the idiosyncrasies and configuration of your own system setup.

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Check These 5 Settings After Installing Windows 10

You’ve taken the plunge and got Microsoft’s brand new operating system up and running on your machine—now what? Before you start familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of the software, take a tour around these five settings and make sure Windows 10 is working the way you want.

Activate (or deactivate) Cortana

Check These 5 Settings After Installing Windows 10

Microsoft’s digital assistant makes the leap from smartphone to desktop with Windows 10, but Cortana won’t necessarily be enabled straight away (she wasn’t when we upgraded). Click the Start button, choose Cortana, then open the Notebook (third icon down)—you can turn Cortana on and off… Continue reading