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If you’ve never used pie controls on your Android device before, you’re missing out. Pie controls are a unique way of quickly accessing your navigation keys and other shortcuts that don’t take up any space on your screen — you simply swipe in from the side to bring them up.

These controls have long been a staple of some custom ROMs and Xposed modules for years, but you don’t need to go through the hassle of rooting to get them–you can just download an app from the Play Store. This is especially useful… Continue reading

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Google is today expanding access to its “Early Access” beta testing program to more developers. This program, launched earlier this spring, gave Android developers the ability to better reach early adopters will to try their app while still in beta, ahead of its public launch. Through the “Early Access” section on the Google Play Store, users could discover a curated list of interesting, new applications to download.

Initially, inclusion in this program was only available to launch to a hand-picked group of 29 app and game partners, but today Google is opening up… Continue reading

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Free Apps May Be Tracking Your Phone Without Your Consent

Free Android apps are getting a bit promiscuous. That, at least, is the conclusion of a group of security researchers, who find that poorly vetted apps on Google Play are connecting to a massive number of ad and tracking sites—without user being any the wiser.

While Apple rigorously vets everything that appears in its app store, Google Play is much more open, only excluding apps that are obviously malicious. Many of us love the wild west app environment Google has cultivated, but a wider quality range can leave room for apps that play fast and loose with their… Continue reading