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Search is supposed to be the heart of Google, right? But an entrepreneur has pointed out that the search engine’s site design doesn’t cater much to showing organic search results these days.

Aaron Harris, the cofounder of Tutorspree, explained in a blog post that he looked at “the amount of real estate given to true organic results,” by searching “auto mechanic” on Google, from his office in New York City. Harris analyzed what showed up on his Google search results page and estimated the how many pixels each part of the page occupied. Organic search results are results that naturally show up based on the search terms, rather than advertisements. Read more…More about Google, Search Engine, Web Design, Google Search, and Search Engines

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First RAW Windows 8 impressions ( Part 1)

Today, my wife and I decided to reward my son Thomas with a new computer. He’s been using one of my old Dell SX machine with an antiquated Pentium 4 cpu, running XP for a while. Not the fastest. His frustration comes from trying to play Minecraft, which is a popular java-based game.

So clenched my teeth and went to the mall , knowing there will be madness. Got the finger from a rather young woman driver in the parking lot, as she accelerated away after finding I was already waiting for… Continue reading