R2D2 on God, 42, the Universe and everything else

industrial revolution

(via Business Insider)

dodge ram farmerWith the U.S. unemployment rate still over 7%, Americans are understandably concerned about anything that might cause an additional loss of jobs.

And one of the favorite targets for employment blame–popular on both sides of the political aisle–is robots.

Robots and other automation technologies, it is said, are “stealing our jobs.”

Robots now build things people used to make. Computers now store, process, and analyze information that used to be handled by people. And so on…

If we don’t stop this relentless technological “progress,” the story goes, we will soon automate our entire society and put ourselves… Continue reading

A new revolution

           Given Moore’s law, and the proliferation of always-on, connected devices (computers, mobile phones, home entertainment systems, appliances, sensors, you name it), we, as human beings, the kings of adaptation and evolution, are about to be outdone – a new revolution has started.brainoverload2 We cannot simply adapt our brain capacity and sensory array to match the speed with which technology exploded in the past few years. I know of a lot of parents unhappy their children spend time on computers, mobile devices and game consoles, more or less ignoring the “old… Continue reading