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Living in rural England, Richard Guy was a man with a problem. Like many located in similar areas, his "broadband" internet connection was pretty narrow, with download speeds below 1Mbps. While some isolated communities are grouping together to build their own municipal networks, Guy had another solution: mobile data. He created his own 4G mast and wired it up with fiber optic cables, and now enjoys 45Mbps+ connection speeds. Guy, a farmer by trade, has since set up a business called Agri-Broadband to help other rural businesses get connected.

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google io maps

Google has just announced that it’s working on an offline version of Google Maps with few restrictions — meaning you’ll be able to use almost all of the core features in Google Maps without an internet connection.

You’ll be able to get turn-by-turn directions, see reviews of venues, and search for different places without an internet connection. Autocomplete in search works when you’re offline too.

The offline functionality seemed very responsive in the demo. Google showed off the technology on stage at Google I/O using a phone in airplane mode, and it worked almost instantly. 

google io maps

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