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Can’t sign into your iPhone or iPad anymore? If you’ve forgotten the PIN and haven’t set up Touch ID on a modern iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to reset your phone or tablet to regain access.

You’ll lose everything stored on the device itself, although you can restore from backups. If you’ve synced your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, you can even make a fresh backup first to ensure you won’t lose anything.

Why Can’t I Bypass the Passcode?

There’s no way to bypass the PIN and regain access to an iPhone or iPad,… Continue reading

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The next version of iOS (iOS 9) expected to be announced this June at Apple’s WWDC event will feature a split-screen viewing mode for iPad apps, according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac

Split-screen viewing modes would let iPad owners use two different apps at the same time, or even let two different views of the same app appear side by side. For example, you could search for a restaurant on Safari on one side of the screen and check where it is on Apple Maps on the other, or you could have an open email… Continue reading

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We have a few more details about Apple’s rumored big-screen iPad, the so-called iPad Pro.

Bloomberg reported eight months ago that Apple’s suppliers were preparing to manufacture a new iPad model with a large 12.9-inch display. The current iPad Air 2 has a 9.7-inch display.

New details obtained by Apple Insider sources recently emerged about the new super-sized iPad that’s due to launch this fall.

One of the most interesting details is the reported inclusion of near-field-communication (NFC), which is the technology used in the iPhone 6/6 Plus to make mobile payments with Apple Pay.… Continue reading

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American Airlines Planes Grounded Because of Pilot iPad Crashes

American Airlines has been using iPads in place of paper reference books for several years—but last night, a weakness showed. “Several dozen” of the airline’s planes were grounded as pilots’ iPads crashed.

In a slew of of tweets, it came to light that the iPads used by pilots instead of the piles of old-school reference books were crashing ahead of take-off, reports Quartz. The software and data that they use are provided by Jeppesen, a sub-division of Boeing Digital Aviation.

Speaking to Quartz, one passenger explained that “the pilot told us when they were getting ready… Continue reading