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Wage growth has been stagnating in Europe and Japan recently.

And, notably, an underlying demographic issue seems to be contributing to that slowdown in both economies: the rising number of older workers.

Theoretically speaking, a tighter labor market should lead to more wage growth since in that situation workers have more employment options. So if firms want to keep quality workers, they’re going to have to offer more competitive wages.

However, neither Europe nor Japan has seen this happen. Unemployment rates have tumbled in both regions: Japan’s rate dipped to a 21-year low of… Continue reading

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Apple Pay will arrive in three more countries this fall: Japan, New Zealand and Russia, and will hit the web alongside the launch of iOS 10 on September 13th. The web version of Apple’s payments service will be made available to Safari users on any Mac introduced from 2012 on, which is also running the latest operating system, macOS Sierra.

The company detailed the Japan launch of Apple Pay on stage today at its iPhone 7 event, noting in particular how the service had to be made compatible with a different version of contactless tap-to-pay… Continue reading

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A quake alert sent out simultaneously to millions of handsets across Japan on Thursday warned that a huge quake was imminent. TV shows were also interrupted with the information as people were told to brace themselves. But nothing happened.

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