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“Do You Want to Know Who You Are? Don't Ask. Act!

This quotation comes from Thomas Jefferson, who goes on to say that “action will delineate and define you.” Introspection helps you understand yourself, but only if you do something to examine.

Think about the last time you saw a movie and you liked a character in it. Did you “bond” with the character because they said they were good or because another character thought so? Probably not, because we tend to appreciate people through their actions. We like what people do a lot more than what they say, even if they have a silver tongue. The same goes for you. Your actions determine who you are and how you view yourself. When you do nothing, you question who you are. When you do something well, you get an answer.

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The Unusual, Concrete and Wood Workspace

Old meets new in this eclectic, multimedia library. Industrial lighting climbs concrete and wood panel walls, while retro accessories (hey, that’s a typewriter!) accompany more modern hardware.

The space was designed by Brazilian architects YTA, who converted a spare room into one for work and entertainment. Their thinking behind the design:

high-tech contrasts with raw matter, returns to its origins, creating dialogue and balance.

The space is made up of juxtaposed layers: the concrete base, the wooden shell, the metal wrapping. All these elements are exposed, made evident and work together.

It’s certainly a unique multi-purpose space… Continue reading

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Time Management versus Task Management

Time Management answers the following kind of questions:

“WHEN am I busy? WHEN is my next meeting”

Time management is made up of constraints.

Task Management answers another type of questions like:

“WHAT do I have to do? WHAT can I do now?”

Task Management is more about work, being agile and flexible, and tends to fill in the blanks around the time constraints we have.

A lot of people mix their calendar (which is about time management) and their to do list (which is about task management) by adding their tasks in their calendar. Besides the… Continue reading

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The Beginner's Guide to Working From Home

Starting a new remote gig, be it a contract project or a full-time job, can be a little intimidating if you’re used to going into an office day after day. But this style of employment is growing in popularity, with some very notable companies lending it their endorsements.

As a developer, I’ve worked remotely for years now on projects of various scales and durations. With this post, I hope to enumerate some of the best practices that I’ve picked up from working in a variety of situations. The advice here ranges from specific recommendations for software and… Continue reading