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When it comes to online shopping, women are now more likely than men to reach for their smartphones and tablets to research products and make purchases. 

  • Of US consumers who say they’ve completed a purchase on a mobile device in the last month, 66.5% are women and 33.5% are men. Compare that to 2013, when a greater share of men than women completed purchases on mobile.

It’s important for retailers to understand who drives mobile commerce trends because sales on smartphones and tablets are growing three times… Continue reading

Ensuring mobile stays competitive is a big challenge for regulatory reforms
The greatest thief of time amongst the many new ways to be diverted by digital technology is arguably the mobile device, specifically the smartphone, whose constant use is either an enormous commercial success story or is to the 2010’s what smoking was to the 1950s – a socially acceptable addiction.
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RBC has announced RBC Secure Cloud – a mobile payments service that keeps sensitive client data secure with RBC in the cloud, not on the phone. RBC says this “makes RBC Secure Cloud a safer, faster, more flexible solution.” RBC is calling the service “the first cloud-based mobile payments solution in Canada” – and notes that it’s “patent-pending”. With RBC Secure Cloud, the financial institution assumes the security burden, since sensitive client data remains with the bank, as opposed to keeping it on the phone. The data is transmitted encrypted and decoded locally on the client’s mobile device at point…

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Though the market is growing more slowly than previously projected, an eMarketer report predicts that mobile payments in the United States will break the $1 billion barrier this year and then hit $58 billion by 2017.

The eMarketer study defines such payments as “transactions for goods or services made by scanning, tapping, swiping or checking in with a mobile phone at the point of sale.” They differ from mobile commerce, which is defined as purchasing items on a mobile device. The researcher predicts mobile commerce sales will hit $38.4 billion this year.

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