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Braintree-Paypal-300x282This sponsored post is part of our Mobile Commerce Explosion series. Produced in partnership with Braintree, the series looks at the explosive growth in mobile and how it’s disrupting industries and impacting brands. See the whole series here.

It’s been declared “The Year of Mobile” for so many years that we’ve forgotten what it means, but it’s time to call it. The industry has revolutionized and the dust has cleared. Mobile commerce sales have tripled since 2012. That’s 30 percent of all ecommerce sales, and it’s expected to rise to 43 percent of all… Continue reading

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At its I/O 2015 developer conference today, Google launched Polymer 1.0. The Web app toolkit is designed to help developers bring high-quality app-like experiences to the browser, across both desktop and mobile. Polymer is Google’s library for the Web that leverages Web Components and is “designed to leverage the evolving Web platform on modern browsers.” […]

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