R2D2 on God, 42, the Universe and everything else


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What the heck just happened? Events over recent months in the UK and USA, two nations divided by a common language, have led to a swathe of commentary expressing disbelief and anger alongside the jubilation and enactment. “They were all stupid,” says one side; “Stop moaning and get over it, losers,” says the other. No doubt the name calling will continue.

But what does any of this mean for an industry whose central purpose is to collate, process and deliver information? In the midst of it all lies a common theme, that of seeing data and facts as… Continue reading

WordPress XML RPC API seems out of date


I was trying to work out the call format for posting to WordPress 4.x using the built-in XML API (from an Android app I’m working on ) and kept getting constantly an error. Yes, compiling, running and posting from the Android open source WordPress app was working just fine.

So me being the engineer I am I’ve fired up Wireshark on my server and captured both requests… turns out that the calls made by the native app are using a slighlty DIFFERENT API… go figure. Yet, not quite so obvious when you search for it…


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”iso-8859-1″?>
<param><value>Test Post RPC title</value></param>
<param><value>Test RPC post Excerpt</value></param>
<param><value>This is a test post via XMLRPC SOAP</value></param>

<?xml version=’1.0′ ?>
<param><value><struct><member><name>title</name><value><string>Test POST1 via RPC-XML interface client </string></value></member>
<member><name>description</name><value><string>Test POST1 content via RPC-XML interface client</string></value></member>
<member><name>mt_excerpt</name><value><string>Excerpt Test POST1 via RPC-XML interface client</string></value></member>