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nexus10kidWith the release of the newest version of Google’s Android operating system (version 4.3, still known as Jelly Bean), the company is making Android tablet computers, like its own Nexus 10 and newly announced Nexus 7, more appealing to parents. Android 4.3 includes a new feature called “Restricted Profiles,” which, more simply put, is the introduction of a “kid’s mode” for Android.

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What Comes After Click: A Crash Course in Tangible User Interfaces

For three decades, most of us have interacted with computers in exactly the same way: We point with a mouse (or a finger!), click, and watch the screen. In one way, it’s the most outdated element of human computer interaction around. But in another, it’s the thing that’s shaped every operating system and device designed since its invention. We’re starting to leave it behind, though. Here’s what’s coming next.

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Android and iOS users will cite thousands of reasons of why they have issues with the competing mobile operating system: user interface, battery life — the list goes on. But in reality, there’s only one thing that separates the two rivals: money

In this comic, Scott Johnson of ExtraLife points out that iOS and Android users have very different opinions when it comes to being charged for apps

Which side do you fall on? Tell us in the comments, below

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