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At its Dreamforce conference conference in San Francisco today, customer relationship management software company Salesforce announced the launch of LiveMessage, a feature of the existing Service Cloud product that will let customer support representatives communicate with customers across multiple messaging apps.

Speaking onstage during a keynote presentation, Salesforce cofounder and chief executive said LiveMessage is a way to support “conversation as a platform” — that is, simple text-oriented messaging apps that are so common to individuals can be and should be open to communication with businesses, too.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appeared at Salesforce’s huge customer conference in San Francisco mostly to do a big demo of a bunch of new Microsoft’s apps like Delve and PowerBI.

That in itself is amazing, since these two companies used to be major competitors and are now such happy partners that Microsoft was on stage showing off its own products, and how they work with Salesforce’s products.

But before the demo, he talked for a bit with Wired reporter Jessi Hempel. 

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Larry EllisonAs expected, on Sunday night, Larry Ellison revealed several new products to make data flow faster across corporate data centers and the Internet.

All told, he launched a big upgrade to the company’s flagship database product, two new  hardware products, and a cloud service.

Taken together, they clearly reveal Ellison’s vision to "do the same thing for the data center that Apple did for the consumer," as he described more than a year ago when explaining why he bought hardware maker Sun Microsystems in 2010.

Since then, revenues from hardware have steadily declined.

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salesforceSalesforce.com… is doubling the mobile packs it makes available, adding design templates for developers and a feature for syncing data.
It’s all part of an effort for Salesforce to help clients use its platform to build apps that foster productivity during those hundreds of, what the company calls, “micro-moments” that we face every day. Yes — if it smells like marketing, it usually is. But there is some meat on the bones of this new release even if it is packaged with that trademark Salesforce spin. Here are a few of the highlights.

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