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samsung smartwatch patent

Samsung has patented a unique-looking smartwatch featuring a dynamic display that could flip up to face you.

According to the patent, which was filed back in December 2014 but published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on July 23, this unique display wakes up once you activate your smartwatch using either "a gesture recognized by a motion sensor, a voice command recognized by a microphone, [or] a command input by a key button."

Once the smartwatch is activated, its display positions itself based on the location of… Continue reading

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The Galaxy S6 Active is the phone for anyone who was upset when Samsung traded durability and water-resistance for thinness, metal and glass.

Samsung’s Active-branded smartphones have always been about ruggedness and the S6 Active is no different; it’s built like a tank. Its edges are fortified with thick bumpers and the three buttons below the screen are sealed to prevent any particles from seeping in.

The phone’s dust-proof, shock-resistant and water-resistant enough that it can survive a day at the beach, a four-foot drop down a hill and a dunk in a river (or toilet) for up to 30 minutes. As you can see in our real-life "torture" tests in the video above, the phone’s really, really tough. Read more…

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The Best Look Yet at Samsung's Round Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung has more smartwatches than most shady trenchcoat salesmen out there, and they’re going to add yet another one to the mix. We already know that the next Gear will be the first circular face for Samsung, but a newly released SDK gives an even closer look at the watch’s Tizen apps and a totally cool bezel that rotates.

Like anything Samsung, the watch will probably be equipped with every possible sensor imaginable: an accelerometer, gyrosensor, heart-rate monitor, pressure sensor, and magnetic sensor, according to SamMobile. Another Samsung-ism is pixel-packed displays, and the new Gear may… Continue reading

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We’ve been hearing plenty about the "Internet of Things" (IoT) lately, but despite all the hype there’s still a sore lack of compelling connected gadgetry for you to buy. Now Samsung hopes to change that with Artik, its new platform meant to make it easier for developers to build IoT solutions. To kick things off, Samsung is debuting three new IoT modules: Artik 1, a tiny 12mm device with Bluetooth and a nine-axis movement sensor; Artik 5, which runs a faster 1 gigahertz dual-core processor and on-board storage; and Artik 10, which is powered by… Continue reading

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A Samsung Gear 2 running Android Wear

Don’t despair if you bought Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch, only to realize that you wanted the Android-powered Gear Live instead — there might be a solution in the works. XDA tinkerer biktor_gj has successfully loaded Android Wear on the Gear 2 after four months of work. It’s in a very rough state, as you might imagine. Only touch and rudimentary Bluetooth support are working right now. Android Wear doesn’t have an open source project the way that regular Android does, so any support for audio, the motion sensor and other features will likely be tricky to implement. Biktor is hopeful that he’ll get those working, however, and even this crude port is proof that your smartwatch isn’t necessarily limited to its original software.

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