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Satya Nadella

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During the keynote speech at Dreamforce Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was put in a situation where he had to use Apple’s iPhone to do a demo — a sight that would’ve been unimaginable just a few years back.

"I’m going to first start on this iPhone, and it’s not my phone, but it is an iPhone," said Nadella, smiling, as he walked to the podium to show Microsoft’s email app Outlook on mobile.

"It’s a pretty unique iPhone. In fact, I’d like to call it the ‘iPhone Pro’ because it’s got all of the Microsoft software… Continue reading

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appeared at Salesforce’s huge customer conference in San Francisco mostly to do a big demo of a bunch of new Microsoft’s apps like Delve and PowerBI.

That in itself is amazing, since these two companies used to be major competitors and are now such happy partners that Microsoft was on stage showing off its own products, and how they work with Salesforce’s products.

But before the demo, he talked for a bit with Wired reporter Jessi Hempel. 

She asked him to explain what’s up with the company, what his… Continue reading

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microsoft executives testing the hololensAP

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just hinted that it could be five years before people will be able to buy Microsoft’s super cool augmented reality glasses, HoloLens, as an actual product.

When asked about it during an interview at Salesforce’s customer conference Dreamforce, he said HoloLens is "really a five-year journey."

However, Microsoft has promised that it will be getting versions of it out to developers in 2016 and Nadella confirmed that promise.

HoloLens is arguably the most exciting new device the company is working on. It superimposes computer-generated images on… Continue reading

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Once, not so long ago, "computing" was synonymous with Microsoft Windows. But thanks to the rise of the smartphone and tablet, those days are behind us.

That’s not to say that the new Windows 10 operating system is bad — far from it. It’s even gotten me to switch from my MacBook to a Windows laptop, full time.

In terms of pushing the industry forward, though, Windows 10 isn’t doing much. The PC market is still shrinking. Microsoft still has a tiny sliver of the mobile market, and Windows 10 doesn’t seem to… Continue reading