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Google Coder Analyzes a Billion Files to Find a Winner in Tabs vs Spaces Debate
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It’s one of the greatest battles ever fought among coders: Should you use the tab button or five spaces when you’re indenting in source-code?

The debate ultimately boils down to how source-code is displayed in editing software. The reason people get angry is because the code doesn’t display nicely if the same method isn’t used throughout the file. This can get especially tricky when multiple people are working on the same project. The debate has gone on for so long that coders are now referred to as “tab people or “space people.” It was even referenced… Continue reading

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An anonymous reader writes “MIT is claiming they can make the Internet faster if we let computers redesign TCP/IP instead of coding it by hand. They used machine learning to design a version of TCP that’s twice the speed and causes half the delay, even with modern bufferbloated networks. They also claim it’s more ‘fair.’ The researchers have put up a lengthy FAQ and source code where they admit they don’t know why the system works, only that it goes faster than normal TCP.”

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