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Hackers Are Using the Starbucks App to Skim Bank Accounts

Good passwords are obviously important for banking apps and sensitive email accounts, but a new scam highlights why you should never, ever use a crappy password, even if you’re just signing up for a mediocre franchise coffee house rewards card. Starbucks app users are getting their bank accounts drained by password-guessing thieves.

People with Starbucks rewards can link the coffee-payment app to their bank accounts, credit cards, or PayPal accounts, which means hacking into someone’s Starbucks app gives thieves an easy way to load up new gift cards and sell them illegally. Starbucks has acknowledged that this scam… Continue reading

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coolnumbr12 writes “A new partnership between Starbucks and Google hopes to improve the lives of freelance writers around the country. Starting in August, Google plans to make Internet speeds at all 7,000 Starbucks locations in the U.S. 10 times faster than the current AT&T-powered service. For people in a city equipped with Google Fiber, Google says the speed in Starbucks could increase as much as 100 times.”

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Last week, on Starbucks’ quarterly earnings call, Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman commented on the company’s digital initiatives. He noted that the Starbucks card represents nearly one-third of Starbucks’ in-store transactions and 10% of all transactions in US stores are made with mobile phones. Brotman concluded:I truly believe that no other retailer … that’s as far as long as Starbucks in terms of building an end-to-end digital customer experience across a variety of digital touch points both in store and out of store, across channels and now across geographies.

Complete story at source: Payments News – from Glenbrook Partners

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bii_mobilepayments2013_bestpreparedConsumers gravitate to convenience. That’s as true with payment technologies as it is with anything else. A prime example is the decades-old trend away from cash or checks and toward credit cards.

Now, the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets has set the stage for a new move — away from fixed-point, card-based transactions and toward those completed on mobile. The old dream of the “digital wallet” is coming true in a very particular mobile-led fashion. 

In a recent report from BI Intelligence we explain the main types of… Continue reading