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Pat Gelsinger VMwareVMware

Pat Gelsinger is widely known as the CEO of VMware, the $6-billion-in-revenues/$30 billion in market-cap star child of EMC’s "federation" of subsidiaries.

But long before he came to EMC and then to VMware, he was a rising star at Intel, with Andy Grove as his mentor.

He came to media attention in those Intel days for preaching to other techies about the importance of work-life balance.

Literally preaching. He’s a dedicated Christian that goes to church every Sunday and sometimes gives sermons, particularly at one of the many churches he… Continue reading

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twitter-balance Like a lot of tech companies in Silicon Valley, Twitter last year published numbers about the different backgrounds and cultures of its employees, and its numbers were revealed to be rather white and very male. Specifically, as of last July, 70 percent of its employees were men, and 72 percent of its managers were white.
Mother Jones called the numbers “embarrassing.” Twitter… Read More

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Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz: tech companies destroying employees’ lives
The tech industry threatens to cannibalise itself, forcing its talented and young workforce to pursue work over life with the inevitable end result being compromised results and miserable employees.
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