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It’s not drone technology that’s stopping you from being able to get a burger or a beer flown over to you by drone – it’s aviation law. But this extraordinary piece of technology might just give UAVs the sense-and-avoid ability they need to satisfy the FAA and open up the skies.

Under FAA law, unmanned aircraft can’t fly beyond the line of sight of their pilot. That’s why you can’t get Amazon to fly you a book yet, or get a pizza air-dropped into your back yard. And before the FAA relaxes that law,… Continue reading

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Google has been a leader in the nascent field of self-driving cars. The technology for those cars will not only push the limits of artificial intelligence and machine vision software, they will also push semiconductor chip technology and hardware systems.

Daniel Rosenband, hardware engineer in self-driving cars division at Google, spelled that out in a keynote speech this week at the Hot Chips chip conference in Cupertino, Calif. The talk was one of many that showed that the frontier for sophisticated semiconductors — the building blocks of all things electronic — is no longer being driven by PCs… Continue reading

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LONDON (Reuters) – One of the founders of trading venue Chi-X Europe is joining the race to bring "blockchain" technology, the system that tracks and identifies transactions in digital-currency bitcoin, to the wider financial world.

The objective is to allow people to transfer cash or make payments instantaneously without a bank or clearing party being involved, saving on transaction costs.

A venture called SETL, led by former Chi-X head Peter Randall and hedge-fund investor Anthony Culligan, said on Monday its blockchain-inspired technology would simultaneously transact real-world currencies or assets and provide a "golden record" of the trade,… Continue reading