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(via Ars Technica)

The world has seen the most unsettling attack yet resulting from the so-called Rowhammer exploit, which flips individual bits in computer memory. It’s a technique that’s so surgical and controlled that it allows one machine to effectively steal the cryptographic keys of another machine hosted in the same cloud environment.

Until now, Rowhammer has been a somewhat clumsy and unpredictable attack tool because it was hard to control exactly where data-corrupting bit flips happened. While previous research demonstrated that it could be used to elevate user privileges and break security sandboxes, most… Continue reading

In order to increase performance and stability when running VMware-based virtual machines (guests), do the following:

1. Disable TCP/IP chimney feature (normally done through netsh or registry, and depends on your guest’s OS). I would recommend doing it for all guests.

2. Shut down guest and add these lines to the .vmx file:

mainMem.us…eNamedFile = “FALSE”
prefvmx.us…eRecommendedLockedMemSize = “TRUE”
prefvmx.minVmMemPct = “100”
sched.mem.pshare.enable = “FALSE”
mainMem.partialLazySave = “FALSE”
mainMem.partialLazyRestore = “FALSE”
MemTrimRate = “0”